As we’ve already said, the dispersion in poker is the difference between what would be expected based on the math and what actually happens. But this difference doesn’t have to be bad for the player in every case. Players sometimes go through a stretch where they keep winning. This is called a “win streak.” During a winning streak, your win rate and bankroll both go up, and it almost seems like the game is going your way.

Like the losing streak, the upstreak is something that every poker player will experience at some point. Upstreaks often take advantage of new players because a long string of wins makes them feel good about their poker skills. This makes them less likely to work on getting better at the game and more likely to rely on what they think is “good luck.” Unfortunately, both upstreaks and downstreaks tend to end, and when they do, new players are hit with the harsh truth.
But is there a way to start a winning streak on your own? Yes, but also no. Obviously, if you get better at poker, you’ll be a better player overall. This will increase your mathematical chances of winning and make you less dependent on luck. But even the best players can’t keep a winning streak going by trying to make it happen, so there’s no point in trying to start one. Upstreaks come and go, but what stays with you is your skill, your knowledge of the game, and your self-discipline. In the long run, all of these things will give you more wins than a few lucky streaks.

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