The highest possible hand in poker is a royal flush. It comprises of five Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Tens of the same suit. A royal flush is an incredibly unlikely occurrence. There are many seasoned pros who have never seen this hand in all their years of playing poker.
It is estimated that the odds of receiving this premium hand are 1 in 64,9739 on average. The odds of obtaining a royal flush after the first two cards are dealt are less than 0.00008%. The odds of earning a royal flush on the flip are 2% if you need just one more card to complete your hand. Final betting round boosts odds by up to 4%.

A royal flush may emerge in Texas hold ’em in many different ways:

Every player receives an equal share of the pot if five common cards combine to produce a royal flush.

To complete the four cards already in play, you may reveal one of your two face-down cards required to make a royal flush.

The two face-down cards you were dealt at the beginning of the game, together with the three common cards you were dealt, form a winning hand.

If you obtain a royal flush, your primary objective should be to steal as much chips as possible from your opponent. You can’t lose with a royal flush, but it doesn’t give you license to make crazy wagers only to frighten your opponents away. An alternative worth considering is leading the other players to think you have a bad hand in order to encourage them to raise, which will increase your final chip count.

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