Luck is important in poker. However, it is still a strategic game that is closely related to math, and usage of probability theory in poker only proves that statement. Each decision made in the game can be calculated, and if you know how to use math you get a significant advantage over your opponent. Probability theory can help you to understand what hands are going to be dealt, and calculate a chance of your or your opponent’s victory. Of course, you will never see someone using a calculator during the game, but it is not even necessary. It is all about probability.

Probability is a branch of math that tries to calculate the chance of something to happen. Example of a flipped coin is a canonical and the most popular one. But probability can be used with almost everything, and poker is not an exception. With each deal the probability of getting an exact combination of cards reduces. Same goes for almost everything that happens during the game. It means that you can calculate your chances of getting an exact hand, even though those calculations will not be too accurate. Tables with exact chances of every possible probability in poker exists too, learning more about them would have a positive effect on your overall playing skills, as you understand more and more about “inside” processes of poker. Learning probability theory is extremely important for novices, as it helps them to stop playing the game blindly. Use your mind, think about your decisions and guarantee yourself a victory by using knowledge, not only luck.

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