Four of a kind, or also called “quads”, is a five-card combination in poker that consists of four cards of the same rank. For example, you have four kings in your hand, or if you are using a joker (wild card) – three kings and a wild card. In most of the poker games four of a king is considered to be an almost unbeatable hand, yet even with it you are not always guaranteed to achieve victory. 
It is extremely rare to get quads at the start of the game, so most players start getting their four of a kind with at least two cards of the same rank in their hand. They try to get third and fourth cards later. Players with four of a kind can be almost sure of their victory, however, one exact combination – a straight flush – will beat quads. However, quads are extremely difficult to get, especially in Texas Hold’em. It is also important to note that four of a kind hand rarity decreases if the wild card is played. It makes it much easier to get quads when Joker is on the deck.

But what if two players get four of a kind? Of course, it is an almost impossible situation. However, a rule for this moment exists too. In such a case the player with higher quads will win. For example, 4 Queens would beat 4 Jacks. Yet, if players would get totally the same quads, they can consider themselves extremely lucky (or unlucky) and split the spot.

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