Despite the name of this poker game, its roots are actually unknown. Some people believe that the first versions of the pineapple poker actually came from Scandinavia, where no pineapples grow. This version of poker is extremely popular in post-soviet countries, but with help of the internet casinos it has started to grow in popularity around the whole world. Rules of Pineapple Poker are different from classic versions of the game, so you have to be sure that you know them well before joining a match. 

The game starts the same as in Texas Hold’em. Two players sit to the left of the dealer and post blinds or forced bets. However, instead of getting two cards, each player get three of them to begin with! As the betting round starts, each player has to discard one of three cards they have. After that the betting round goes similar to the Texas Hold’em, with two cards with each hand. The flop is similar to the Texas Hold’em too. Five community cards are faced up and after that the second round of betting starts. And here is where the interesting element of the Pineapple poker comes to the scene. 

In Pineapple poker, the second betting round is played with three cards. and when this round is finished, you have to discard one of the three cards again. Depending on how the flop was played, you can make extremely profitable decisions and turn around the game to your favor, or lose everything you had without a single chance of getting the luck back. Such a slight change in rules makes this type of poker unique and dynamic. There are various strategies and tactics to become better in Pineapple boker and if you want to become professional in it – get yourself ready for hours of training.

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